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  1. Hey Scrappydue, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I bought the 8000s because they're 1.5 inch bigger in width only and I actually like the height increase to have the tweeters at ear level for me (43 inches high). Thanks for your input.
  2. Hi Guys, I need help deciding between the New RP-8000f or RP-6000f towers. I know that many say "There is no such thing as overkill", but I want to make sure my room also looks balanced. I have an approx. 1950 cubic foot room. That's about 20 feet long X 12 wide. The thing is, the far back side of my living room is used as a makeshift home office with a sit/stand table and my laptop station. So officially, its like I have a small rectangle where my TV/home theater area is. Maybe 15ft by 12 feet in the sitting & listening area in front of the TV. Pls see pics for reference. Dimension-wise, the new RP-600s seem to be just an inch and a half smaller in width and depth. In height, the 6000 is about 3 inches shorter. My question is, is there a big difference in sound quality or at least, a discernable difference in sound quality between the New RP-8000s vs the RP-6000s?
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