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  1. I recently purchased Forte III's. My Rega turntable picks up the vibrations when the volume is up, cant crank it. I put 3 anti vib pucks under the turntable at 700.00 each, 2100.00. no luck. Any luck with a better turntable anyone?
  2. thanks to all for the input. I am going to hook up the NAD 3155 this weekend, Ill let you know I purchased the 3155 because at my fraternity in Lincoln, the NAD 3155 powered Klipsch La Scala's and you couldn't get within 3' of them...
  3. I have a NAD 3155 I use outside, I might hook it up and see if it sounds better....
  4. Looking for advise on a new amp to run my new Forte 3's I currently have a Moon 250i, it feels underpowered. Im a NAD fan....
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