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  1. Thanks for this you make a very good point, I will pursue this. Despite being fun, internet research is bottomless. BTW the horn on your scala looks incredible, is it for mids or tweeter?
  2. Yes it is really beautiful. The veneers themselves were very old. I decided to go for quite a matt finish in the end so in real life they appear quite subtle.
  3. Oh yea, I made these too. I made a Tractrix (Bruce Edgar) horn from 18mm birch ply and 4mm bendy ply. I bought a plastic adapter to fit the drivers to the end
  4. That's interesting that you say 20 - 30watts is enough. I guess I made the walls out of double 18mm birch ply. I suppose it would be louder with more but not necessarily clearer. Crown looks great, but here in the UK is still slightly out of my budget. 🤣
  5. https://www.gumtree.com/p/amplifiers/marantz-pm7200-amplifier-audiophile-stereo-phono/1423397562 I am thinking that this one seems to have really great reviews and I like the specs. The only thing missing is the DAC. Is it possible to just buy an external DAC? Could that work?
  6. I'm kind of getting a feel for what I'm looking for. I feel drawn to the Marantz. And yes I guess with DACs and preferably Phono but no essentially. Another thing I have become aware of is maybe I want a bit more amps per channel. Like 50+ The ones I found before were 30amps per chanel for 8 OHM
  7. Thanks for finding these! This is in Scotland so a bit far away (I'm based in London) and I really don't need a cd deck.
  8. https://www.gumtree.com/p/amplifiers/marantz-pm4200-stereo-integrated-amplifier-with-turntable-input/1424452527 I've been looking around and this one seems to fit the description quite well. Marantz PM4200, made 2001-2003. In my price range (didn't seem to be that expensive when it was new...) The specs seem to fit? I'm wondering if it will have enough power? What do people think in regards to general compatibility?
  9. Ok these seem like a completely different thing 🤯 I suppose the idea is just one input plain and simple
  10. Ok interesting, I'll have a look at the tube integrated ones. I don't have a preamp, only the speakers atm so really am starting from scratch
  11. I said before I don't have a high budget at the moment. This is a transitionary phase where I just want to be able to listen to my music in some form. That is what it's all about . . . right? 😂
  12. Thanks, a lot of food for thought. I'll suppose I'm still figuring out what I want. I haven't properly listened to the speakers yet so I'm a bit eager to get started
  13. Ok cool, thank you I will check this out. At a glance the prices seem manageable. I'm just starting out so this is a really great start for me.
  14. Thanks Dave, I guess I'm looking for something basic (and cheap) that I can use to play hight quality digital music from my laptop (aux) but also for a vinyl turntable. Oh and I was thinking SS as I figure the bottom end ones are better quality than the bottom end tube? I guess I was hoping to learn a bit about whether traditionally people use certain brand amps with Klipsch speakers. Also, compatibility I do not know enough technically so whether I need to get a Class A amp or not? things like that.
  15. Basically as cheap as possible 😪 I guess the best of the worst
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