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  1. Oh, that's not a speaker in the back its a Passive Radiator. I didn't realize that a passive radiator was basically a speaker cone without a magnet in it. Thanks!
  2. I recently purchased 2 Klipsch Chorus speakers both have hand written tags and were in storage for years,. I purchased them from an estate and when i get a chance i can send you pictures. These 2 speakers have the woofer in the back, and i haven't had the courage to pry off the front grill to see what is in the front. Are there any tricks to prying off the front grill or do i just use a screwdriver? They sound absolutely awesome by the way. I have them hooked up to my old 200 watt Magnavox amp and i can easily frighten the neighbors 2 blocks away when i turn up the volume. I have looked all over on line and i cant find any pictures anywhere of Chorus speakers with the woofer in back. Thanks, Phil
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