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    RP 600M Speaker Stands

    Fantastic, thank you very much for the recommendations and comments. I think I am going to rise them to a 24" stand because I want to make sure the treble and mid range is a little higher since I am looking to also listen to them while I am up and around the room. As oppose to just sitting in a home theater type of setting. I am planning to add in subwoofer at some point so that it picks up some of the lower ranges that the RP-600M does not. They are beautiful speakers and with the piano finish it really tops it off.
  2. mrjuan914

    RP 600M Speaker Stands

    Thank you....would you recommend keeping the stands at 18"? I am mainly going to use them for 2 channel listening.
  3. Hello, I am wondering if anyone can recommend a pair of good speaker stands for the RP 600M. I am planning to place them as my fronts. Thanks