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  1. This is the left channel of a book-matched pair of HDBL Heresy speakers which I built for myself in December 1977, and paid for with part of my quarterly bonus in January 1978 once they went thru final assembly. Within a few months I noticed that the dust cover on one woofer had separated at its seam and had "inhaled" enough dust to be pumping it in and out through the seam separation and this was acting abrasively on the voice coil, so I returned the pair to final assembly for woofer replacement and Gwin Cox talked me into adding the industrial heresy motorboard units so that my woofers would have a grating protecting them...that really made the grain and color pop and I have never regretted the addition of those motorboards. These were also one of the very last HDBL pairs made in this style of cabinet build! I still have them!

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