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  1. Have I really been away that long? I will report my progress and send pictures when I drag my Aristocrats out of hiding. Right now I'm only waiting on one JBL N1200 crossover. I have a pair of JBL 175DLH horn/lens/drivers and just received a pair of D-131, 12 inch bass drivers. Same as the JBL 130 but with a 12 inch cone. Everything should be nice and cozy on assembly but I'm certain it will fit together. The other components are a pair of slightly modified Dynaco Mk IV tube amps. A McIntosh C-24 preamp, given new life by Paradyme McIntosh in Sacramento. A flawless little MR67 does the FM duties. The local collage jazz station puts out an extremely good signal. That, and with NPR broadcasting classical music, there is no reason to look for anything else. Which is good. With the exception of a couple of religious stations and their original music, there is little to find, here in the Central San Joaquin Valley. The wait is almost over. "Ma, have you seen my camera?" foto courtesy of E-bay
  2. Don't worry, Tomtastic, I will not modify any original panels. A new speaker baffle shouldn't be difficult to manage. I can add a HF horn on top of the cabinet using a small sled, if using the Altec 811b, or a small baffle for the 175DLH. I will then search for a compatible 12 inch woofer such as the JBL D131. I will keep the original speakers, Electrovoice 12TRXB drivers. I'm still intrigued by a huge pair of folded corner horns.
  3. Those things look really good, Tomtastic. So, I'm a newbie to the Klipsch Community but have always had an interest in large folded horns. Had a pair of A7-500 Altecs way back when. Not really a folded horn and didn't go deep but had plenty of punch. Anyway, I came up with a pair of Aristocrats with 12TRXB EV co-ax drivers in them. It will be a couple of months before I can actually take possession. My plan is to use a pair of JBL 175DLH horn/lens/drivers and EV X8 crossovers. Or maybe a pair of Altec 811B horns. (If they will fit) Don't worry, no original Aristocrat speaker baffles will be harmed. If the TRXBs aren't sufficient, I'll see if I can locate a pair of JBL D-131 12 inchers. I've got a pair of LE14a JBLs but I'm not sure that they would work well in the Aristocrat. Time will tell.
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