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  1. Has anyone compare the La Scala II to the AL5 version? Is the AL5 version worth the extra $2K?
  2. Thanks for all the great replies...I have lots of time to decide... I would also like to add the La Scala, that is, if my room is large enough at 17' wide x 23' long x 7.5' high? And I still plan to use my JL Audio Fathom 113 subs for a controlled bottom end. What room requirements do the La Scala have over the others, I guess my biggest concern is the 7.5' ceiling.
  3. First post. Anyways, I am interested in purchasing a new pair of Klipsch speakers, either Cornwall III or Forte III and would suggestions/advice from those familiar with the speakers and what works best for room size. My room is 17' wide, 23' long and 8' ceiling. My current system to be used with these speakers: Turntable: Technics SL1000 MKIII with Fidelity Research FR64S arm, SoundSmith Sussurro MKII cartridge SACD/CD player: Sony 5400ES Amplifiers: Quicksilver V4" mono tube amps (new 170 watt version, uses KT150 tubes) Pre-Amp: Zesto Leto 1.5 tube pre-amp Phono stage: Zesto Andros 1.2 tube phono stage Subwoofers: Pair of JL Audio Fathom F113's (2500 watts each) Thank you! Rick
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