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  1. thanks JRH! I have another set of heresy ii speakers and I gotta say in my opinion the model h's (1961) sound way crisper and just produce better all around sound. I am using the heresy ii set now and just listening to the older ones every once in a while on conservative volume..
  2. I did my research. drove several hours to each way to risk buying these. I used my time, my money, asked knowledgeable people in vintage stereo community's all over Portland, called Bob crites, talked to him at length, he said your crossover boards are just plain RARE.. not one person said hey I know those speakers! everyone said never seen them, no posts online in all the dozens of forums about anything on these speakers. and found only one unit with horrible conditions to the cabinet and much later serial # sell for $1000. so yes I am asking what i feel is a FAIR market value for a pair of never seen before heresy with sequential serial #. i am willing to see if someone wants to trade me klipsch speakers gear etc.. i am thankful for all the help that i have gotten. i again would love to keep them and might do so. but i also think that someone might cherish this rare set more than me.
  3. I think I have pictures posted on here of the insides with k77 horn k55 horn k22 woofer and crossovers all stock.
  4. maybe you should re read the post as they are 2800 on here not 3200. I changed the price a long time ago
  5. I would love to keep them.. but again this is a very special set of speakers. and I would rather have a new set of heresy speakers that I wouldn't be worried a out setting to 11 on the volume dial... these sound amazing and I am just giving an opportunity to own a pair of rare speakers. thanks.Yes I am flipping them. but I worked hard to get these and both parties are extremely happy.
  6. probably but it took 2 weeks to work it all out. he had a turntable that he wanted $150.00 for I let him know that it was worth $6500.00.
  7. klipsch model H (Heresy HWR 12 B )speakers in amazing stock condition. PLEASE SEE you tube video 1961 klipsch heresy's.. SOLD left the klipsch factory on Feb 17 1961 serial # 212 and #213. notes in log books as new style.( no longer has grills on the side) first heresey's. still the exact way they left the factory with K77 horn k55 horn and kk22 woofer. grills in mint condition. cabinets in almost perfect condition I would call them a easy 9 out of 10. crossovers are stock.. these are extremely rare! please try to find any pictures. you tube post. notes. or anything else as you probably won't be able to find anything. I am going to let these go as they are WAY to special of a matching set that I need.. And YES THEY SOUND FANTASTIC! AMAZING! ROOM FILLING VINTAGE audio... any questions I will do my best to answer. this is also listed on the klipsch owners Facebook page. possible patial trade for klipsch stuff ( new heritage heresey's) 70th aniv heresey's.. etc. asking $1800. obo plus shipping from Portland Oregon. more pics available upon request let me know what you think on these amazing speakers.. (SOLD) THANKS again Craig..
  8. now that I have them should I use them? they are 16 ohm and bob crites says that i wound not be able to find replacement parts for them (mid range, woofer, tweeters) and they sound great but he also said the caps being this old are no longer good.. should I have him make me some new ones? should I just run them.. again they sound amazing
  9. super happy.. they sound fantastic!!.gonna order some crossovers so I don't need to modify the originals.. I am so happy! feel like I got the deal of a century
  10. yes cane grills in great shape with metal badges. trying to figure out how to upload more pics but to many mb
  11. nope all buts are in. and look correct
  12. both are identical in side. K 77 at top, k 55 in middle and k22 woofer, k -1000-5000 w crossovers.. super excited. I have no idea what they are worth paid $570. grills are in great condition also
  13. ok so I picked them up today. they are in great condition. a little watermark on one but hard to see
  14. just noticed that each cabinet is loaded with different speakers. one has a K 55 and the other looks to have a woofer K 22 and a horn? they are sequential serial #s so I think that's how they came from the factory.
  15. thanks I am picking them up tomorrow.. I am super excited to learn more about these early H's..
  16. thanks.. I think I can hey them for $550. they look to be in amazing condition. the wood looks awesome and the grills are clean.
  17. serial # is 212 and 213 not 112 and 113.. Thanks a million!
  18. I have the opportunity to buy a pair of Model H wr 12 b serial # 212 and 213 in great working condition. I am not familiar with this vintage? anybody have any advice? they look great asking $675. TIA Craig
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