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  1. John, The shipping is going to be cost prohibitive; it would be over $500 to ship them (UPS). Thank you for the interest, Rick
  2. I'm checking in to shipping costs now John.
  3. Thanks Bonzo, appreciate your honesty and kindness. And you are correct, I am a newbie to this forum, and no, it's not the case of chicanery here. Honest mistake -- a bad one at that, on my part. Thanks again.
  4. Apologies everyone and thanks for the comments. No idea where that first pic is from (background isn't my house). Just pulled them out and took off front of one of the two. Here's 3 fresh shots. They're legit; if anyone is in the Southern Delaware area and wants a look, they're here. Thanks for your patience; again my apologies.
  5. Klipsch Cornwall Speakers Purchased in 1980 One owner Perfect condition Location: Delaware $1,450 for the pair
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