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  1. Hello Spencer, Yesterday hooked up Outlaw 5000 to Denon 9.2 channel receiver. After setup I did see some difference in sound but I can not certainly tell the difference in sound clarity or anyone measure. May be the load to the Denon receiver is balanced and power to the speakers are handled efficiently with the addition of Outlaw. The good thing now is, I can hear sound from all speakers including front heights and surround heights. @All --- I have a setup question, even though I had connected all 5 channels to Outlaw 5000 (Front (left, right), Center and Surround (left, right)), in the Denon speaker/Amp assign setup I only see front left and right is highlighted in the pre-out section and do not see center and surround left and right channel in the pre-out. Attached below is my Denon speaker/Amp assign setup with 11.2 channel assign mode. Anyone who had similar situation before, please let me know if there is anything wrong I am doing here or its just a technical gap with the Denon receiver. Also is there any way we can test/check all 5 channels from Outlaw 5000 is getting the power (120 watts/channel) for these speakers, particularly my surround large floor standing speakers the full power it needed. Regards PK
  2. Sure Spencer, will let you know once I notice any change in sound. I will test sound this week without ext amp as you suggested and buy ext amp next week, most probably Outlaw 5000, only concern is the weight 50 lb, that little heavy for the home theater stand. Regards Praveen Konidala
  3. Hi JefDC, Right now I am thinking of buying either Emotiva A-700 or Outlaw Model 5000 to use for front all speakers including front height speakers. Regards Praveen Konidala
  4. Hi Spencer, Thanks again for the information. LOL, yes its very expensive hobby, for me its just a beginning. I can imagine about you guys here on this forum, how much money, time and effort spend on these experiments. I can also consider buying Outlaw 5000 and this seems to have more wattage (120 watts/channel * 5 = 600 watts) with 5 channels and in a similar price range. If doable, I am thinking of setting up the hungry front (left, center, right, height left and height right) 5 speakers with ext. amp and the remaining 6 speakers (2 rear surround, rear left, rear right, rear height left and rear height right) with Denon 9.2 receiver. Hope this will be a good test for wattage load balance. Is this a good idea to setup in this way? Regards Praveen Konidala
  5. Hi Spencer, Thanks a lot for taking time to explain these terms. I like the way you explained with examples. Much appreciated. I have much better understanding now with usage of watts per channel and advantages of having ext amps. Also I asked about Emotiva (https://emotiva.com/collections/home-theater/products/a-700), is A-700 model a good ext amp to use along with my Klipsch speakers and Denon receiver? Sorry to ask you again, I never use ext. amp before and not sure if this will best suit for my setup. Regards PK
  6. Hi Spencer, Thanks for your information. I didn't see your second video, did you posted link here? Also, I saw other models of Emotiva (https://emotiva.com/collections/home-theater/products/a-700), is this model A-700 a good one to use along with these speakers and receiver? Emotiva 3 channel amp XPA-3 Gen3 is a very expensive amp. I am not sure if there is any benefit using this expensive ext amp instead of upgrading to 11.2 channel Denon receiver. Thank you Regards PK
  7. Hi JefDC, Thanks for your reply. Right now my rear height atmos speakers are not working, I think because of not having enough channels in the receiver. Do I need to connect external amplifier to make use of these rear height speakers along with other speakers. Do you know what to look for when buying external amplifier e.g. compatible with Denon receiver and number of ext amp channels etc.
  8. Thanks Wuzzzer, so it looks bi-wire and bi-amp is not a good options for these speakers. Any recommended external amp to use with this Denon receiver?
  9. Thank you Brendon. You guys have lots of experience in setting up these speakers and talking about these models specifically. Happy to know about this forum.
  10. Hi, This is my first time using Klipsch speakers and also first time setting up home theater systems. Recently purchased below 9.2 Klipsch speakers and a AV receiver. RP-8060FA (4x) - Floor-standingRP-504C (1x) - CenterRP-502S (1 pair) - SurroundSPL-120 (2x) - Subwoofer Denon AVR-X4500H - 9.2 Channel receiver. The person helped me setting up the home theater system couldn't able to connect rear floor standing height dolby atmos speakers to the receiver. He said the RP-8060FA speakers has additional inputs for height speakers that cannot be connected to 9.2 channel receiver. Please help me understand what options I have to make use of all speakers with this receiver. Also I hear about bi-wiring and bi-amping not sure if we can able to use with Klipsch speakers. I googled online but there are plenty of information and now its more confusing, so any comment or suggestion is much appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance for you help. Regards PK
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