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  1. hey @Ceptorman - It was sold as new speaker. There was no mention of "B" Stock speaker. I will have the rest of system delivered by Tuesday so I will plug it in and will have a listen. I have already reached out to the seller - I am waiting on their reply. If they take the defected tower back, I will be most happy. Else, I will try to use a soft brush to fix the adhesive issue. Quite honestly, as long as this is just an aesthetic issue and not a sound quality issue, I am OK with it.
  2. Hello, I just received a pair of RP6000F from an authorized online dealer of Klipsch. I unwrapped them and noticed that one of the speaker on one of the towers have some adhesive between the crease of Speaker and the wooden body. I thought it is just residual that i can clean up but its stuck there. I have attached some pictures to show what I am talking about. I haven't switched it on because I am afraid of damaging anything if this adhesive is a sign that speaker is not placed correctly or is this just an aesthetic issue. So not sure what I am suppose to do: Is there a safe way to remove the adhesive? Will it impact the sound quality ? is that just an asthetic issue that I can safely ignore or I should plan on returning the floor stander. Will appreciate your help on this
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