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  1. Thanks for he insight 314carpenter with your first hand experience. That's helpful, have not heard really very many realistic feedback experiences about the RP-8000's. I do have a double door entrance to my room that opens to a larger room, but can manipulate the doors for acoustical performance. That's another check mark for the big brother 7's. I've been looking for a pair of used RF-7 II's and have only found 2 sets in Canada. One pair is in Toronto but cherry, not bad asking price of $2500CAD. I'm after ideally walnut or black 2nd choice. Anyone know of any good forums or audio sales boards for Canada? I've googled them all, but perhaps there's a less popular good place to look for higher end used gear?
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! So far I’m hearing you guys agree that stepping directly up in caliber is a win win. Still makes sense to me, but still nervous about used. I’m in northern Ontario Canada so no where to test drive first hand, and likely if going used may end up being sight unseen. Thanks for the link Ceptorman, but duty and boarder issues I think will be best avoided...sorry should have clarified location. Willland, appreciate the insight and may consider center channel down the road, but for now I’d be ecstatic with RF7’s since you experienced fellas agree that’s a better route...will help talking wife into bigger towers lol. This is already streatching the budget further than initially set, and a new receiver would be priority next. I do hear great things about that combo though, so nice to have a future upgrade in the back pocket. Thanks for feedback so far, much appreciated.
  3. Hi guys, I have been doing a ton of research over the last few months and am looking to acquire a new setup. I had my heart set on the RP8000f for now, that would leave room to grow into into the RF7 III later when the next generation comes out and they are more affordable. But it lately I've been considering going with a used pair of RF7 II instead of the RP8000f if I can get lucky and find a good seller. They work out close enough in price that it would be silly not to make the jump out of the gates. Main questions, given differing categories and obvious horn and driver size differences, is there enough refinement into the current horns/crossovers to justify latest model over previous gen? RF7 III they toned down slightly and smoothed out the highs some more, is it very noticeable? Will the RF II's induce fatigue above the RP8000's? How abused can they become buying used? Meaning if they were clipped excessively by being either over or under driven, how can one tell any degraded acoustical damage short of a driver being blown all together? Plan is to use as 2 channel set up, room is approx 25' X 28', I'd say 60% movies 40% music, and I'd certainly incorporate my sub with the RP8000's, maybe with the RF7 II's Im leaning towards plenty of wattage with a Crown XLS 2502 I want it clean and accurate regardless if it's low or cranked, I want my spine to tingle in awe. Any advise that I have not already pondered over or personal experience would be much appreciated. Sorry so many questions. Thanks kindly in advance for any insight.
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