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  1. I just ignored that te 3/4 '' is actually 18 mm, so I will use 18 mm Baltic birch plywood Interesting article! https://www.woodworkerssource.com/blog/woodworking-101/tips-tricks/your-ultimate-guide-to-baltic-birch-plywood-why-its-better-when-to-use-it/ Thanks, Jp
  2. Yes it is what I will do. Start from the internal dimensions! Thanks Jp
  3. Hello all, I am in the process to rebuild a Cornwall I pair in the horizontal collector version in mahogany finition. (will be beautiful!) However US Plywood thickness standard = 3/4'' = 19 mm doesn't correspond exactly to european= either 18 or 22 mm! What you, Cornwall lovers and klipsch lovers, would recommend. I think that the cabinet design , type of wood and thickness has an influence on the quality of the sound. Paul Klipsch did kow that for sure! . 22mm could be too much? Thanks! Jp from Switzerland
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