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  1. My post has been done after I already upgraded latest FW v30 issued by 15/05/20. Existing problem still be the same old days. Blutooth can serve only for my all smart phone, not for my all laptops. I dont understand at all why this happen with ONLY my Bar-48.
  2. After Klipsch just issue new V30, I already done upgraded this FW. The existing problem still couldnot be solved. I have many of bluetooth speakers. Only this my bar-48 could not be connect to any of my laptops. whereas these laptops can connect to all other of my bluetooth speakers except this bar-48. Please Help me.
  3. I already install mentioned FW for my Bar-48 (As my barcode). The bluetooth can be successfully connect to all my smart phone only. but CANNOT connect to my notebooks. I have 2 smart phone, they are Samsung S8 Plus and S9 Plus. I have 3 new computer notebooks, Acer i5gen10 and Asus quite new. They cannot connect bluetooth to my Bar-48. I dont know why??? Please help. Whereas They can connect to all my other bluetooth speaker devices such and Klipsch RSB-14, Harman Kadon Go play mini, esquire, jbl flip4, Harman Kardon studio3, etc everything NO PROBLEM at all. I asked Klisch support team they just teach me to how to connect bluetooth and to resetting. I would like to tell that I already did everthing carefully by reading manual, but bluetooth stiil fail to my notebook. I am so sad nobody can help me.
  4. Moveover, i only mention from my experience. While you try to do renew connection speaker to wifi, you should do it one by one speaker and unplug all others. Another thing about RW-1, i ever did somthing wrong while upgrade firmware in app utility then unplug it. When plug and found that there no any light at top panel, only blink green light at back. It made me feel bad until i read manual and start steps all again until it work as it should.
  5. You can do it for sure. Try again follow the manual. By the way I also have RSB14 with 2-RW1s. I dont like ways to update and connection to wifi because sometime it fail and must do repeat again also seem not stable enough and quite slow connection. I ever do reset and reconnection them together again. Speakers is verygood but connection system to wifi and app should have much more development
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