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  1. Thanks guys , tomorrow I’ll install the Svetlana winged C NOS El 34 ,I’ll post my impressions. As suggested I’ll try to change the drivers too. I’ll surely contact Kevin . ciao
  2. Hi guys ,my very first post on this fantastic forum which I follow from Italy . I am a proud owner of a pair of Cornwall III , I use 2 amplifications at the moment ,one is a Hybrib integrated amp Unison research Unico 100 with tubes on the pre- amp section and mosfet (180 W)on the power side ,I am quite satisfied with it but I was looking for some more refined middles and some more precise scene , I therefore got a pair of Primalunas the Prologue 3 as pre amp and the prologue 5 power amp with KT88s .The previous owner changed all the tubes with Mullards Cryo ... When I tried the amp I found a very precise and strong base with some very fine and precise scene but the high end is horribly strident... I therefore put back the original PL tubes which I have to say are better than the Mullards . Having said all that ,do you have any experience with some other brands or types of tubes that will sound good with Cornwall’s -KT88s ,EL 34s,KT77s as the PL has auto bias I can tube roll with confidence.... i basically really like the KT88 as it’s powerful ,dynamic,precise but exceeds at the top end ,so I was looking for something similar but with smoother highs ... thanks for for your help guys Ciao Max
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