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  1. Hello, I bought some 8000fs. Just curious, does anyone know what material the cabinet stuffing is made out of ? I am assuming its Polyfill but would like to confirm. Thanks
  2. I've sent a video and pictures to Crutchfield. Will see what they say. It's any light, but the more light.. the more visible they are... and it doesn't show at all when viewing at certain angles. One speaker only has it on one side. The other has it on the top, the back and one side. They sound great. They will be primarily in a dark room with shut blinds so I can probably live with them. My concern would be resale value if I ever want to upgrade or if I ever move and they need to sit in a well lit room. I would think other people would have this issue if its a manufacture / assembly issue. Anyone else have the 8000fs with this?
  3. I just received 2 8000f floor speakers from Crutchfield and both units have this weird band of discoloration in the middle when direct light hits them. Has anyone seen this on this model or with the 280s? Wondering if there is a solution to get this off or if I should possibly return them. The box was not damaged or anything and its kind of weird that 2 separate boxes have the same issue. Here are 3 images of what I'm talking about: https://imgur.com/a/1GrFcNq
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