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  1. I just tested your solution but it doesn't work ... do you know where I can find this firmware as a file?
  2. I'll test your idea and keep you informed. Thank you!!!! And....... proud to be French 😉
  3. Hello, First of all, I hope you will understand me because I am French... I just received a Kilpsch gate and so I installed Klipsch Stream and Klipsch Stream Utility on my Android smartphone. I connected the box to my wifi network and then searched for available updates using Klipsch Stream Utility. He found me two. I was able to install the 1st update without any problem but it's impossible for me to install the 2nd (FW version v: 1.32). I think I follow the procedure, press the power button long while plugging the power cord into the Klipsch gate. I see the progress of the download on my smartphone and, once 100% the Klipsch gate restarts as it did for the 1st update but this 2nd update is not installed... because Klipsch Stream Utility proposes again it to me every time. I must have done this operation about ten times without success.... And, to finish, it's impossible for me to use my Klipsch Stream Gate because it announces me that this 2nd update is available and must be installed before I can use my Klipsch gate.... Can someone help me please? thank you in advance
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