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  1. Rebuilding my Klipsch crossovers. Anyone know where I can source capacitor mounting brackets that use the zip ties (likes Crites kits)?
  2. I purchased a pair of Klipsch K-77 tweeter that were blown as future spares. Has anyone used the diaphragm replacements Simply Speakers sells for the Klipsch K-77? Are there any other diaphragms I should consider using such as those sold by Crites? I know Bob sells good stuff.
  3. Picked them up. They fit fine in the Tahoe with room to spare. After looking at their construction, I do believe that the tops come off similar to the Khorns. But fortunately attempting it was not needed. Thanks all.
  4. Thank you for the information about my question as to the tops. Most helpful. Yes, trying to manage the weight of getting them into a Tahoe...but it is what it is. Best.
  5. I am picking up a pair of Klipsch Belles tomorrow to transport in my Chevy Tahoe. Can anyone tell me whether the top cap of the Belle that houses the tweeter and mid comes off in its entirety as they do on a Klipschorn? I am wanting to reduce the weight of each speaker for transport. Thank you.
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