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  1. Good to know. I was hoping that this would be the case, given my limited budget at the moment.
  2. At the moment the speakers are about 6 feet apart. They’re positioned slightly off center and slightly diagonally (with one speaker a bit farther from the wall compared to the other). I’m still experimenting with their position. Did you add any acoustic panels or anything of the sort to your listening room? Mine is also my bedroom, and I feel that bass traps are a bit of an eyesore for my personal living space. But there’s certainly unwelcome reverb in my room that I can do without. It’s most pronounced when I play high frequency notes on my piano (also in my bedroom) at forte or fortissimo. I imagine the speakers would sound better if room surfaces are somewhat treated. It’s good to know that I can get away with one rear speaker for 5.1 classical music. I’ll try it after I add the next pair of speakers (probably the 280s/ 8000) — before I add the central speaker as the system’s final piece, as has been suggested to me in this thread.
  3. Yes, the local store still sells the 280s, but a Dubai-based store that will deliver has the 8000s. I’ve been looking for how the two pairs differ but haven’t found concrete comparisons (assuming they’re possible). Seems like I’d have to listen to them side by side, but unfortunately that’s not possible for me at the moment. On this note, any clue as to whether 280s/ 8000 are too big for my room (~13 x 13 x 10)? This is the only factor that made me consider the smaller 260s/ 6000s. This is definitely on my list of things to explore and very possibly buy. I wasn’t even aware of what a universal player is before you suggested it. I really appreciate the advice. Yes, I plan to upgrade toward a 5.1 system. I didn’t consider that such a system would be great for classical music. I imagine I’ll be over the moon when the day comes!
  4. For future reference, should anyone else with similar issues stumble across such issues, here's a summary of what I've done since starting this thread: experimented with speaker placement for improved bass performance. My current set up also followed the advice of placing them somewhat diagonally due to my square room's acoustics experimented with bass gain of (which is at ~30% at the moment) on my Yamaha receiver. The default setting will not do downloading actual high res tracks from hdtracks.com sidenote: while Primephonic's material varies from record to record, none comes close to the quality of the aforementioned tracks. It remains a useful tool for discovery, I think I'm sure these are avoidable for many people, but they apparently weren't for noob like me.
  5. @wvu80 @robert_kc Thanks to wvu's experiments, I decided to purchase a few tracks (including Brahms's second concerto along with Beethoven's Egmont Overture and Schostakovich's 8th and 10th symphonies) from hdtracks.com to see if the issue lies with the content I've been streaming rather than the speakers themselves. Wow! A difference of night and day. Dynamic range on every instrument is very clear, the violins sound well articulated and clean, separation between the instruments is excellent and the rumbles of bass drums (on Schostakovich's 8th, particularly), which I expected to be lacking because I don't have a subwoofer, sounded pretty decent. I've been questioning my purchase of these speakers; it seemed like they aren't well-suited for classical music. I really wanted to love them and, thanks to the generous help I've received here, I now do. At this stage, it seems that a subwoofer would be good to have, considering that they promise not just broader audible frequency range, but also to add depth. But given that buying the RP 280 would add "bigger sound," as they say, as well as better bass with their double 8 woofers per speaker (vs. the 160's 6.5, which can certainly do better but aren't bad), I feel it may represent better value per dollar than a subwoofer. I'll be secretly hoping the 280s (vs. the 260s) would allow me to forgo buying a sub, but we'll see. If anyone has any comments on any of the above, I'll gladly listen. To those who are familiar with my Yamaha receiver by now, I'd like to ask: can this 80 per channel receiver drive the Rp 280s (which require 150 watts), or would it need to be upgraded? Thanks once again. I learned a lot.
  6. Robert, thank you very much for this. It opened my eyes to options I wasn’t aware of. Investing in a universal player shouldn’t be a problem at all, especially given that inexpensive options are available. I’ll look into it. I appreciate your recommendations too. I’ll revisit them if I end up buying such a unit. But the RF III is well beyond what I can afford. They can be had at $1,800 per speaker, which isn’t unusual in markets outside of North America. I imagine that they may also compel me to buy a more powerful (and presumably expensive) receiver. Then there’s the heavyset stature, which seems to be too big for my space. Do you think the RP 280s would be a decent compromise, though? I can justify getting them over the 260s, especially if they’ll let me forego purchasing a sub.
  7. Update: I went to the store. They sell Klipsch, Yamaha and B&W speakers and subs, among other things. The place is kind of a showroom (it was a spacious hall) and isn’t optimized for music listening. Perhaps this is the reason why I was unimpressed with what the 12 inch Klipsch sub added to the 260s I demoed there. The 260s of course were great. Then I got the saleswoman to play their Yamaha record player, which had a John Coltrane and Miles Davis record on. I was blown away. Made me consider buying a record player instead of a sub. But it seems to entail a plenty of running costs. I really want to splurge but can’t figure decide where my money would be best spent. Perhaps a sealed SVS sub in room would add more than what I’ve experienced in the store?
  8. Your room is a lot bigger than mine. Ever tried running the 160s with your subs alone? It’d be great if buying a sub will offer all I need from the system, given the limited space in it.
  9. Yes, I meant the way in which record labels engineer the track or how a flac file is extracted from a CD. I don’t have much knowledge about either, but I think I can tell there being clear differences in quality between different files. I’ve heard mp3s that sound better than some flac files. Thanks very much for your thoughtful post. Had to look up some of the things you’ve discussed. Hope I understood you correctly: When you say x plays at a certain peak decibel, does that mean the volume I’d set would be set at a lower level than the set volume, and that the speakers will briefly exceed it by x number of decibels when listening (vs continuous listening volume)? If so, is my receiver capable of such a performance?
  10. Yeah youtube is pretty bad. Does anyone here stream high res audio for convenience? Which is the preferred service aside from Tidal? I found Primephonic to be pretty decent (though quality does vary from record to record). I shared a couple of clips above. Let me know what you think, if you get around to listening to them — though you won’t be very impressed with the streaming quality. I don’t know even have a CD player or any CDs in the house anymore. I’ll try to borrow one to see if it’s worth the hassle and cost. They take quite a bit of space, too, all those CDs. I think leaning toward the 10 inch SVS makes the most sense at this point. Thanks for the advice!
  11. This only comes to prove that I need to buy both the towers and a subwoofer. Can't wait until I have both! That's pretty cool, I enjoyed that. Brass sounds amazing on these speakers. What’s the source you normally use? I listen to music from the romantic era, mostly, starting with late Beethoven through Brahms up to Tchaikovsky and Shostakovitch. Here's a couple of examples of what I've been listening to. I find the slow third movement of the Brahms concerto (@ 28:41) to be beautiful, as is Kissin's performance of Mikhail Glinka's material in the second link: Your setup looks neat and so carefully proportioned! Very efficient use of space. Do you move the 600s to the back when watching movies or are they permanently stationed there? What's your rationale for stacking them on top of each other?
  12. Good question. I've been using the following sources: 1) a flac library on a USB stick, 2) streaming Primephonic (great app, btw) via a lightning cable from my iPad/ iPhone and 3) streaming Apple Music via Airplay (which is built into the receiver). The latter seems to be a slight compromise in quality in return for convenience, but the first two sound good to my ears. I find that music really varies from source to source. Some will be bass-heavy while others will over-emphasize treble. I've tweaked the default settings on my receiver to increase bass and slightly decrease the treble, thanks to the stuff I've learned from this thread. Sounds like an overall improvement, even if it's not optimal across the board. I haven't considered using CDs with my system. There's a plenty of cheap used CDs in the market, if I learn where to look, but I'll have to buy a CD player too. Would you recommend it?
  13. Yeah didn't mean aesthetically. I'm not a fan of their squatty stature, myself. But I bet they sound sweet!
  14. Thanks a lot, wvu80. I think you nailed the problem: increasing the bass on the receiver a bit further, which I tended to avoid because I don't want to disturb others, makes classical music to sound more "full," if you know what I mean. But when I play bass-heavy material, it can be a little too much (makes my king-size bed and mattress vibrate). This seems to suggest that I configuration problem (vs. a bass problem). It's interesting that you find a 15 inch sub not to add much to what you already have. If that's the case, especially given the genres you listen to, I imagine a 10 inch sub may not add much either. Also, the 160s and 600s can go as low as ~45 Hz. An SVS sub goes down to 19 Hz. Does that make a difference, in your experience? I'm interested to see what you find after adding your sub. I won't make a purchase within the coming couple of weeks, at least. Also, my receiver spec sheet says "dynamic power per channel" is 105 W for 8 ohm speakers, "maximum power per channel" is 105 W and "maximum effective output power" is 115 W. I have no idea what this stuff means. Is it underpowered for these speakers?
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