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  1. Very impressed with the upgrades from Bob Crites. Listening to Steely Dan AJA cd from mobile fidelity and boy does it sound good. Would not hesitate in recommending the upgrades. Appreciate the welcome Billybob and thanks for everyone’s help and suggestions.
  2. WOW! Horns on So What & Freddie Freeloader sound incredible with the new titanium diaphragm and new crossovers. Wife came in was impressed with difference. Will finish up the second speaker and have a fun this evening getting to hear some awesome sounding music. Thanks again to everyone for your help and suggestions.
  3. Great idea! Will try that this afternoon before swapping things out on the second speaker.
  4. Got passive radiator out and could see how everything wires up. Thanks again for tip on how to remove. I have the one speaker done now with the new crossover and titanium diaphragm and will get the second done this afternoon. Excited to see what the upgrades bring to the listening experience.
  5. Thanks Wuzzzer for the reply. There are wires hooked up to the new crossover that came from Bob if that are wires you are referring to. I will follow your suggestions and report back tomorrow. Thanks again.
  6. Hi, I have had a pair of KG 4’s for a while and ordered new crossovers from Bob Crites to update these speakers. I am not sure how you do the removal and then install of these crossovers. I thought you gained access by removing the passive radiator, but that seems to be glued down. It also seems like there might extra wires on the new crossover. This is my first time attempting opening a speaker and want to make sure I am doing it right. Thanks, Brian
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