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  1. Did some pre-party soldering of the new diaphragm and it worked a treat! Thanks for everyones input.
  2. Also not to use this forum for promotion more sharing... but If anyones in the long Island area the party is in sounthold on saturday and the forum's more that welcome. spiritual jazz, reggae, soul, disco vibe. gardenpartybk@gmail for the location. Cheers Max
  3. No they dont but im also borrowing from a pal so Id be reluctant to do the surgery.
  4. Wow its amazing how swift you guys are, Like Klipschorn paramedics! Thanks. So hear your advice about the upgrades from crites to stop it happening again but for the sake of speed and for this one off party would these work in theory? ( I know they are not ideal but the only chance i have for repair by saturday it seems) https://www.amazon.com/Diaphragm-ST350-T350-Klipsch-K-77/dp/B00CT9QBPI I also have some heresys as a back up to compensate but would obviously want the horns singing properly if possible. Cheers Max
  5. Hi Guys, So I unscrewed the tweeter can now say confidently that no sound is coming out of it. : ( Would this be the case if it was just the diaphragm that was kaput? Its a shame I have a party in long island this saturday where we are taking our soundsystem and am panicking a little. I can get a diaphragm replacement for then and give that a whirl but failing that anyone know of any places in the New York region that could supply a replacement K77 tweeter at short notice? Cheers Max
  6. Fantastic, Thanks guys for all your advice will try these this evening Cheers max
  7. @babadono The problem moved with the top-hat.
  8. Hello Klipsch Community, Please forgive my nativity and lack of basic technical knowledge here I wondered if someone might be able to pinpoint an issue i'm having and possibly offer some advice. All i know is that I have a pair of 1980 khorns with AK2 crossovers and they have had one owner before me. They are generally in very good condition however we have used them at high volume for parties that may have taken its toll. I've recently noticed that one speaker has noticeably less fidelity in the top ends. The crisp tingles of high hats sound great on one but a little muddier on the other. I tried switching the top Cabinets (not sure thats the correct terminology? ) from one bottom cabinet speaker to the other to rule out any wiring or amp issues feeding into the speakers but the issue remains. What could be the issue and how would one go about fixing something like this? I've seen bob crites has AK2 crossover repair kits for $120 but im unsure how easy this is for a leyman to do or if this is the way to go or if the problem could be pinpointed further. ( I have soldered before but have laughably little electrical understanding but Im keen to learn how these brilliant things work, what's doing what etc) Many thanks for your help in advance Max
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