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  1. Thanks! Looking forward to the unit arriving. Needed to dump my previous setup as I moved into a building with neighbors. This is my first Klispch purchase and hoping this unit will help fill the void created with the departure of my previous setup. I may also be posting a video review as they seem to be few and far between. Also those I have seen seem to be focused on connectivity, looking for more than "awesome" as the description for sound
  2. Hello! I was hoping to get some clarity on the Three II power ratings, versus the Three (with or without assistant). I am a bit confused as via the product page, the Three II and the Three are touted as being the same from a sound standpoint. However, from the specs pages, there seems to be a difference in power, but nothing else (from a sound perspective, not features). Anyone have any clue whats going on here? Worth noting that all the other specs are identical, even weight between the two. The Three II Specs The Three (with assistant) Specs
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