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  1. I think you’re right InMotionGraphics. If they are chained it wouldn’t matter if it’s through the sub out or a splitter. Thanks for pointing that out. Dwilawyer, thank you for responding. The information you have provided is helpful and appreciated.
  2. I realize that I can use a splitter but what about speaker set up? When I run Room EQ won’t the two subs conflict with the set up? Do I just set the gain and frequency dials the same on each one and hope for the best? I’ve also read on some forums saying that depending on when the subs were built that the gain knobs can be set differently. Any idea about that?
  3. I am considering adding a third and fourth subwoofer to my home theater set up. My Klipsch R-112SW subs and the R-115SW subs that I want to add do not provide outputs so, Klipsch support told me that it is not recommended that I run more than two at a time. I am highly disappointed and surprised that Klipsch has sort of prevented their customers from easily adding more subwoofers. (If they had outputs, customers could purchase additional product $$$). I would prefer to add Klipsch subs as I do enjoy the sound (and look) but this has me considering buying subwoofers from another manufacturer. Has anyone added a third (and or a fourth) Klipsch subwoofer to their HT? If so, how did you go about it? And how did it work out?
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