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  1. You have all contributed to my healing and made me see the error in my ways. To the RP-150 offer, thanks for the smack in the back of the head. I woke up. In fact I'm returning the runt height speakers (got what I ordered on these) and getting a size more inline with everything else. In a couple of years I'll figure out what to do. Now I'll just enjoy. Thank you all for making me appreciate my good fortune, deserved or not. Matt
  2. I appreciate the advice and in my defense, I titled this stupid. Apparently I am right. But, I felt that if I waited for two years to sell, buyer appeal diminishes. Right now these are new. All of the small speakers (except towers) will fit in balikbayan boxes which ship for $75 regardless of weight. They just have to fit. Even the smaller Klipsch are certain to give me great listening pleasure. If I wait, my discretion will increase and I might not be able to settle for smaller. Thanks to you guys, it might already be too late.
  3. BLUF: I'll explain, but want to give you the bottom line up front. All speakers received 1 week ago, new in box. Need to sell this big stuff for the price of replacing with the small stuff. All values/prices calculated on Amazon w/taxes (you can validate) without shipping costs. Will sell or trade for speakers I'm seeking. A trade would require speakers packed in Klipsch box. I'm in the San Diego area. Selling RP-280F for $644.35 ($859.85 Amazon) (pair) Seeking RP-4000F ($644.35 Amazon) Selling RP-504C for $322.17 ($699.03 Amazon) (single) Seeking RP-400C ($322.17 Amazon) Selling RP-600M for $376.05 ($591.55 Amazon) (pair) Seeking RP-400M ($376.05 Amazon) Selling SPL-120SW $537.67 ($645.42 Amazon) (each, I have 2) Seeking SPL-100SW ($537.67 Amazon) Explanation: I ordered a whole suite of the smaller Klipsch Reference Premier speakers (culminating in a 7.2.2 system). Something happened part way and the order got inexplicably delayed. When the speakers finally arrived, I opened boxes to find a remarkable upgrade as you can see above. I can only assume since the RP-250 line has been discontinued, they filled my order with the above. At first, I was elated! Yes, I stood this system up along with the surround and height speakers I ordered (those are already the smaller sizes). Why wouldn't I keep this unimaginable upgrade? Especially considering the wonderful sound I'm experiencing. But, practical kicked in and so I have to do something stupid. I'm retiring in another country in two years. Anything I want to keep has to be shipped. I can't even fathom what shipping these RP-280F skyscrapers overseas would cost me! I don't want to spend anymore to downgrade. I've spent a lot already. I just need to get the smaller speakers and you get to enjoy the my fortunate upgrade for the downgrade price. Open to suggestions.
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