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  1. I could use some help. I just got all new Klipsch speakers for a 5.2.2 Atmos setup (plan for 5.2.4 later). Equipment: Marantz 7013 AVR, RP-8060FA mains, RP-504C for center, dual R-120SW subs, RP-502S for surround. Due to the room design, I cannot place surrounds directly to R and L of the seating (or I would have gone 7.2.2). I have two options for surround placement: 1) flat on wall 4' behind each end of the seating (7' sofa so 6-7' between speakers); or 2) In back corners, again 4' behind sofa but now 8' to the R/L of the seating center (approximately 120 degrees off midline; 16' between speakers). I had assumed that option #2 (corners) would be best and mounted at a 45 degree angle (with null directly toward the listener). I guess I'm not really sure about how to 'point' these bipole speakers. I have done a general search on mounting bipole surround speakers and the feedback is very contradictory. Some suggest corner mounting, some say never corner mount. Maybe someone familiar with the Klipsch bipoles could chime in. Any input appreciated! I'm eager to get them mounted and going but don't want unnecessary holes in my walls!
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