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  1. I bought a pair of used Klipsch lascalas about 20 years ago. I have used them very little. I am not the first owner. I did check with Klipsch to see where these came from and these were purchased new in West Germany in 1979 according to their serialized tags. So they have been shipped to Europe when they were new purchased and then shipped back to the US. I have a hard time including pictures due to the size of the photo file. These have worked well and not been altered and I believe that the crossovers are original. The cabinets have a few dings here and there. They are Birch with a medium dark stain. LS-BLS on the tags. If interested and have questions please let me know, also can send photos to an email address. PS the sound has always been wonderful from them, I have a pair of cornwall's I bought new in 1985 and they sound a little more full with more depth in a room, but the lascalas have a amazing mid-range. I am in Northern lower Michigan. I don't want to ship these. Thank you
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