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  1. so how should be the crossover set ? and why does it turn off very delayed ? what is the normal time for turn off ?
  2. actually it is on LFE now and it triggers a little late. It requires a bass sound to be triggered. My friend has a Dali subwoofer and it triggers as soon as the receiver is turned on.
  3. actually I noticed that it turns on and off. But it turns on only when the volume is high, or when a very loud bass tone is available. It turns off delayed after turning off the receiver. So , how can I make it trigger faster ? Any adjustment to the low pass freq ?
  4. Hi, I have a KSW 10 Sub. and it was working fine until recently. There was a change in our room and the sub was moved to another place without any information given to me. I had to reconnect it to my receiver. I did not remember if it was in R or L/LFE connection so I just used the R Then I set both volume and low pass freq buttons to medium. Now the "auto on" feature is not working. In fact, if I plug the receiver when it is active, sub goes ON. But then it does not turn off even after I turn of the receiver. Sub is working , it supplies correct sound when it is on. However, it does not turn on/off. What may be wrong ? thanks.
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