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  1. so much to consider here and again, thank you for the excellent and detailed information. I lucked out and found a 1250 in my area for an awesome price. Going to audition it this weekend. I’ll keep everyone posted and again, thank you! So glad I joined the community!
  2. That’s what I hear. Much warmer and overall better build. I'm in Indianapolis.
  3. Wow! There’s a 1980 serviced and in pristine condition on eBay right now for 4K. A Sansui g33000 for 10k. It’s insane. I had some older x80 series stuff along time ago and sold them for basically nothing. Lesson learned. Never owned a x50 series, but I do t think I’ll be disappointed.
  4. Thank you everyone for the advice! I think I might go with the sx1050. eBay prices are just insane right now and getting a 1250 under 2k that has been serviced by a legitimate tech is rough. There’s a few 1050’s that are serviced and clean for around 1k. I may get the 1050 and in a year sell it and get a 1250. This is a journey. thanks again everyone for the feedback and yes, the Forte III’s are probably (not probably) the best speakers I’ve ever owned! cheers!
  5. Very new to this forum, but I’d like to solicit some feedback. I recently purchased a new pair of Forte III’s. They’re amazing. I went though a number of newer integrated amps and receivers and what I’ve landed on is I just love the sound of the old pioneer receivers. I had an SX980 and it sounded great, but went into protect mode at about 10 o’clock on the volume dial. I think this is because it’s only rated at 80 WPC and the forte’s ask for 100. That said I sold the 980 and am looking at a pioneer sx1250 or sx1050. The 1250 is rated at 165 WPC while the 1050 is rated at 120 WPC. The 50 series has a warmer sound which is what I’m into. I listen to a lot of vinyl. so my question is, has anyone experienced either of these receivers with the fortes? More power can be good, but do I really need it? The 1050 is also about a grand cheaper too, which let’s face it, that’s helpful as I’m on a budget. appreciate the help. Cheers.
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