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  1. THESE HAVE BEEN SOLD November - 2019 | Columbus, Ohio area Hi all, I have a pair of walnut finished Epic CF3's that have low mileage on them. Had to down size the house a decade ago and made a few moves since. They have been stacked up and not used all this time. I've come to realize I may never have an appropriate space to use them in the future, which makes me sad, but enough time has passed that I'm considering letting them go. The internals are in great shape - and I do mean low mileage. A few minor scratches in the walnut, but still quite very presentable. Black grills, with logos. Can anyone give me a price range they would recommend from high to low, and multiple inputs would be appreciated so I get a good cross-section of opinion. Thanks! UPDATE: Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 - PICTURES NOW AVAILABLE I've taken a few dozen pictures of the speakers for those who have expressed interest in them. As they exceed the 2MB limit for attaching here, I am including a link to my Personal Cloud Drive on Microsoft, here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkDnYzSzoR-Dge7QBRwP8UbS-5p1ke0?e=Iw26tJ Also, a correction to the post. The original posting listed these as Version 1. They are in fact Version 2 (with the 2.5" long port at the bottom, running front to back [Version 1 have a 5" port). Spec changes to Version 2: Rev.2 – Fall of 1994 These models had shorter 2.5" long port tubes (to raise the box tuning) Networks had a component / value change to correct for the new ports. (The network wire was still the OFC used in Rev.1.) THESE HAVE BEEN SOLD
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