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  1. Hello everyone, This is my first time on the forums and recently jumped into the rabbit hole into HiFi after feeling shortsighted with a full Bose 500 3.1 setup. I've decided to buy some floor speakers and plan on pairing with a SET tube amp, most likely a el34 but looking for an affordable 300b tube amp. My budget is less than $2000, and I am open to other speaker suggestions, as long as they are highly efficient. I am able to find a dealer in Canada selling BNIB pair of Heresy IIIs for $1700 shipped and a local seller asking $1600 for a pair used of Cornwalls II but I feel that he is motivated to sell. I like the Heresy because it would be new and I am fond of Heresy's history. I am aware of the lack of low end but whichever speaker I buy, I plan on adding a SVS pb-1000. Does anyone know which choice would be the smarter buy?
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