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  1. How about the La Scalas? Still no takers? Where are all the Northeast Klipsch lovers?
  2. You'd have to pay the shipping but $90 ?
  3. THanks Emile. Like I said those are my custom grill covers!! 😉
  4. And to Jimjimbo. I know what a crossover does. I am familiar with standalone crossover units. I was just wondering what exactly people didnt like about the AL parameters. The low frequency crossover point? The roll off between? I think I saw a full range frequency curve I am assuming white noise generated and they rolled off pretty close to 100 Hz. Am I close?
  5. sorry guys. IN the beginning I was getting emails that said someone posted a reply. But for some reason this stopped and so I have to log in everytime. If you can tell me how to turn email alerts on that would be great. And end of year in my company is hectic. So I hope that covers all my apologies. These are very clean, and I still have them. So if interested let me know . I will check back daily until I solve the email alerts. I also have Yamaha P-300 turntable A-500 integrated AMP K-1000 cassette deck with dbx No jokes on my stereo equipment thats what I could afford in my 20's LOL!
  6. What does TYPE AL cross over mean? I have done nothing to these. THey have moved once in their lifetime . I think I heard people change the crossovers. Were the originals that bad? What did the different crossover do?
  7. I can get images this weekend. I have a turntable with a Shure cartridge , integrated AMP , and ( hahahaha) cassette deck with dbx I think. I think the amp was 60W. Id have to check.
  8. Ok sorry for the delay work has been crazy. First some pictures. I will get more but I asked my brother to take these. They are at his house. I live in Allentown he is about 1 hour north. Lets start with the nasty. I would like to get $1400. THese things have pretty much sat at my moms when I was in my 20s and then I moved the to my brothers since then. I lived at college and apartments since then and never had the room and he seemed to use them on occasion. There are two obviously , he only took a picture of one. He seemed to keep some sort of fish statue on it. I could kill him. The black screen I made myself and they attach with velcro. I never stained the wood. What I dont show and probably nobody would be interested in is i made a matching rack out of premium birch ply that matches the LaScalas and has the matching front black screen with hinged door. I guess you'd have to see it. At the time I had all Yamaha equipment and still have that as well. If you need better pictures let me know.
  9. I have a pair of La Scalas I bought as a teenager in late 70s. They are raw birch. They are all original , no modifications. They have had very little use since after I bought I went to college and they ended up at my brothers house where they still are. He only uses rarely. Still working, clear and loud. Eastern Pennsylvania. I can get pictures up soon.
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