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  1. Listening music is wonderfull again! I lov my RP8000f🥰 ... and i still have my low powered Denon PMA-60 with untamed 25 wpc @ 8 ohms. 😂 have tried the hyped BLUESOUND POWERNODE 2i with 55 wpc @ 8 ohms for 3 weeks, now. But i was disappointed. IMO the denon sounds better in soundstage, more natural voices and the bass is more or less equal. i have to say that i don't listen to music so loud that my neighbours think that a party is going on here. especially with normal room volume the difference is even bigger. than i got some problems after a firmware update with the powernode 2i. the amp is designed to be always on and when no sound is playing, i here electric noice from the tweeters. perhaps my unit was not okay, but i learned that there is no need to upgrade to more power. however my best musical upgrade still was the RP8000F and the Allo USBbride Signature + Shanti psu.
  2. The good news: The postman arrived. The bad news: He only brought one. 😒 The other one will come tomorrow, ... perhaps. I made a picture of my living room. It is not that big i think. To the right there is a small wall, but it is open to the kitchen at the ends. You can also see my old passive studio monitors (behringer b2031p). If you re interested i can try to make a sound-video to compare the old behringer with the new klipsch. I do not have a prof. mic, but i could give it a try, with the sennheiser mke 440 stereo mic. I already thought about new gear if the denon pma 60 will not make me happy. Most of the time i will listen to spotify streams. I dont like that big amps, so it is hard to finde something i can hide. Btw. what is it about the 1Khz as the wattage spec?!
  3. Hi there! I am new here and happy so see that much content here from you guy! Unlucky i do not have a store oder audio-hifi-dealer near by, so i just watch some speaker reviews on yt. The RP-8000F got some good reviews and it seems to be onest ones. So bought them, but they are still on shipping. I own a small Denon Class-D Amp with low Power and i am very unsure if this will sound good together. What do you think? Am i in danger of killing it by clipping? Or doesn't sound well? AMP Specs: Denon PMA-60 8 Ohm (20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.07% Klirr) 25W (1kHz) 4 Ohm (1 kHz, 0.7% Klirr) 50 W Speaker Specs: FREQUENCY RESPONSE 32-25kHz +/- 3dB SENSITIVITY 98dB @ 2.83V / 1m POWER HANDLING (CONT/PEAK)150/600 NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 8 Ohms Compatible
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