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  1. Wow - i am probably going to read this post a couple more times I do have a subwoofer Klipsch 10i. I have my fronts as Large - so will try changing that tonight to see if that changes anything. You know one interesting thing to mention is the SVS center seems to run effortlessly than the Klipsch fronts - i expected opposite. I will come back to this post.
  2. Clarity especially mid and high end is the pain point. At mid-high volume i should say that i didnt notice any distortion . I havent made it too high (more than 50% yet) living in an apartment. I tried all variations - just 2 fronts with and without bi-amp, all 7, and in between.
  3. Please enlighten me - starting with what does that even mean
  4. Have denon 2400h (95w per channel) and Klipsch RF82 II (150 RMS) with SVS prime center (rated for 20-200w). With my receiver, i do feel the sound still lacks clarity. My question was generic though, that i should be hearing music with the same clarity in low volume with my amp vs another amp with higher amps. I guess I am hearing a yes from you that 'higher wattage amp does not mean better sound clarity at the same lower volume of a lower watt amp' - correct?
  5. Read various articles on using the right power for your speakers and that power should be preferably higher than rated speakers to get the best sound *that* speaker can produce. My question is, lets say i have a 150 watt speaker run by a lower watt say 100 watt amp - now if i play the music at low volume - Shouldn't I get a clear sound (like a higher watt amp) since the amp can still provide effortlessly the low volume power needed by speaker? Spare the slack if this is too basic :) but i am struggling to understand why this would happen at low volume - I can however understand if i increase the volume then the amp will be pushed and wont deliver a clear sound. Any technical explanations?
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