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  1. Hi The room is about 500 sqaure feet (50 square meters). The best clarification is "crackling sound". The source is a Panasonic UB900 and the sound is Dolby Digital or DTS. I dont have any other sources where I can test on DD or DTS, the TV here is only stereo or Dolby Logic. I think I need to take out the receiver and attach all wires outside the cabinet it is in, to make sure it is not a wire think. I thought it could be because my receiver couldnt handle the speakers, but it can so that is good. I will get back to you with an update, when the wires has been 2x checked 🙂
  2. Ok so the receiver is enough for those speakers that is great. Well it really does sound like if a wire is loose, but I have checked everything 2 times now. the only problem is that it is a closed cabinet. I might need to take out the receiver and do a test outside the cabinet. Yes I have used the Audyssy setup, it went fine and I heard the sound from all the speakers. I usually only notice the sound issue, when the volume is up when watching movies.
  3. Hi all I have the following klipsch speakers 2x Front R-28F 2x Back R14S 1x Center R-25C Currently I have a Denon avr X1300w, but it cannot handle the speakers, or there is something wrong with it. It is especially the center that handles almost all speak when watching movies and it is not smooth at all, sometimes the sounds goes a way. I like watching movies a bit high. If the current reciever is not big enough, and that is why I am having problems with the sound, what reciever would you recommend for this setup?
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