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  1. Thank you for all the replies. My finger is on the order button for the Denon AVR X4500H. Did a lot of research on that and think it's the one for me. So things are getting started very soon 🤩 I was wondering about the 600C and its larger 2 woofer vs the 504C with 4 smaller woofers. They should output the same amount of vocals since they have the same tweeter, right? What would be other differences (other than size of corse)? I know the differences might not be huge but I would like to understand those things if someone knows how to describe this. Also since i'm planing to have many of those woofers all over the room, it would be nice to know how combining them in one or another way might be beneficial for certain use cases. For an example go larger on center and smaller on the mains or vice versa and so on... Which type would you use for surrounds? Since they will be fairly close to my couch, which is about 2 feet from the rear wall/window and about 3 feet from the left, I was also thinking to get smaller sizes for these. There are 400 / 500 and 600 variants for these as well. Monopole, bipole or can they be combined? I was thinking a bipole on the right might compensate for the open space to the right or am I wrong here? I'm still a bit confused 😅 but appreciate the help! Keep 'em coming ..
  2. Thanks for the information guys. I might have confused woofer and tweeter size. Glad to hear the RP8000F / RP504C combo works for you in a similar situation. This is great to hear. So you have no problems with reverberation or echoing? No sound being lost to your right (to where it becomes bothering) or bad reflection from the sliding glass doors? I was expecting to get that answer about the soundbar, especially in this forum, but thanks. I think I can rule out one of those 😉😂 would like to hear one once or someones opinion who has heard one of the two mentioned above. I think the money is better invested in some big Speakers. Also good Speakers don't really go bad. I have read most of the info here and know the differences in the spec sheets, but there is usually more to this then plain specs. There are things that will not be mentioned in the spec sheet or may only apply in certain situations. That's what I'm here for. The knowledge about the difference of 25 W, woofer size, frequency and sensitivity don't really help me, because I have very little experience. Also they are fairly close to each other so there's that 🤔 It's hard to estimate how that translates into real world sound differences. It's not really a question about money either because I am willing to spend a little more if that might be better for my room and type of usage. Also I have not bought Speakers ever, now that I think of it 😅. Always had hand me downs. This is also my first AVR. Last system I had I got for a birthday ages ago, this was an school stereo system with tape player and such 😂 after that only had some bluetooth speakers and headphones. So I will definitely be stepping up my game 😂. I also still have an old, cheap 5.1 speaker set laying around plus another old sub. So I might have a patchwork 7.2 from the beginning. I'll work on making them all RP line in the future. Any other opinions?
  3. I'm hoping to get some advice from people with more experience with Klipsch speakers / surround sound systems in general. I will describe my setup, situation and room here because i feel it's important to consider. If you want to skip this and just see my questions, scroll down a bit. I just upgraded my TV to a LG65C9OLED and am looking to get the sound that will match the picture. At first i was looking into soundbars such as the 2020 Klipsch BAR 54 or LG SN11RG since that would match the TV's eARC capability and they both offer Dolby Atmos/DTS:X. The problem for me, my livingroom / dining room / kitchen are all connected and one open space (plus it opens up to a hallway as well. I want to take this into consideration when getting a sound system. I measured without the hallway and have about 3000 cubic feet. If that wasn't enough we have tile flooring and two big sliding glass doors to the left and behind our couch and the rest of the room opens up to the right of the couch. From my research all not optimal conditions and I'm afraid even a modern soundbar will not cut it and also other systems might have some problems. So before i just buy something that most likely can't do the job, I looked into getting a "real" surround system. Choosing something is hard for me, since l have no place nearby that I know of, where i could listen to Klipsch speakers or even compare them to one another or other speakers (I'm from Switzerland by the way). Heard lots of good reviews and comments about the Klipsch Brand in general but especially the newer Reference Premiere Lines. The specs seem very good and to be honest, I love the way they look too.😍 Since I'm kind of picky, that will set me back more then just the 1500$ for the flagship soundbar 😅 so I will slowly have to buy the individual speakers. But this way i feel i'm on the safer route to getting some good sound into my place. My plan: I will start with an AVR that works well with my TV and supports all modern formats. Together with the AVR i'll get the two mains, then a center channel (or would you get the center channel first? I heard all the dialogue comes out of just the center channel). Next the subwoofer, then the surround backs and then the height speakers. So far I have the following components in my wishlist and please give any input to this. - Denon AVR X4500H - Klipsch RP6000F or RP8000F for mains - Klipsch RP600C or RP504C as a center Not realy shure what the rest of the system will be so please give your input. Target is a 5.2.4 system. I will be using the system for Netflix and movies 60%, for gaming 20% and 20% will be music listening. My questions are these: - In my situation, would you come to the same conclusion regarding the soundbar vs speaker set choice? - What would be the benefit of having a RP504C over the RP600C or vice versa? How do these compare and which main speakers would you combine them with? - Same question for the RP8000F vs the RP6000F - Is it better to have the same woofer size across all the front Speakers? I heard that somewhere but that's not even possible with the RP8000F. I have been looking for someone that has heard the speakers in question (both center options or both mains) that can give me some input. Also anyone in a similar situation or with experience in the topic. If I left out anything you need to know, feel free to ask, Reading this back, i dont think i did 😂 Thanks for your help! Chris
  4. Hey MetropolisLakeOutfitters and all others. I'm hoping to get some advice from people with experience with Klipsch speakers, especially the ones of you that can compare RP6000F to RP8000F, or/and RP600C to RP504C from personal experience. After posting here yesterday i moved it to a seperate topic: I would appreciate the input. Thanks!
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