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  1. I thought I'd inform the forum that I just purchased an excellent condition MC250, which has been used little since receiving a service by Terry DeWick several years ago. I'm now on the lookout for a C45 with the TM1 tuner module and RAA1 antenna. My goal is to find one under 2K. I've seen a few sell in that range, they come along every now and then, but it'll take time to find one.
  2. PHX1KAH: Yet another vote for McIntosh and Heresies. I’ll certainly try to make sure that whatever I end up with is packaged properly. Thanks. willland: Your experience seems to be contrary to the advice I have received, as well as what I have read, but it’s good to know that you’ve had luck matching amps and your Heresy I & IIs. ricktate: Thanks. I realize that Parasound makes some decent amps, but MIC is a deal-breaker for me. Also, the second link you posted does not work - the content appears to have been removed.
  3. Les: Perhaps I am overthinking things. Although I would classify my hifi knowledge as competent or intermediate, I am certainly no expert and I'm in need of advice, hence my post. Thanks, I'll look into the Erhard.
  4. Fattner: That appears to be the case. Thanks. mr clean: Thanks, the PrimaLuna looks interesting.
  5. Thanks Mike. I also value tone controls as well as the increased functionality of a dedicated pre, but I'll look into it more. I noticed that the the MHA100 and the MHA150 are similarly priced on the used mkt.
  6. mikebse2a3: Thanks for the Audio Classics recommendation, I had forgotten about them. The MHA100 looks interesting and that is a pretty good price but, unfortunately at over 3K I'd still need to add a pre and that would put me way over budget. AudioClassics has a MC2100 in D1 condition for $799.00, but "D" physical condition is probably a bit too rough.
  7. DavidF: I was thinking about getting an AT602 until I can afford to get an MC250 or 2100 and I found one for a good price, but I'd rather have a 3 channel that I could later use for center & rear surround speakers. Do you know if ATI made a 3 channel in that same series? ATIs new 3 channel amps are a bit too dear, I think, for my intended usage. I'll take a look at the Aegir.
  8. Randyh: That's what I plan to do until I can assemble the "new" components I'm after. I do realize that the Heresy IIIs only require a few watts. What would you consider "overkill" as far as wattage is concerned? I was considering the First Watt F6, but was advised that, though tempting, such low wattage amps are not ideal for daily usage. buckaroo: Nope, I cannot afford the newer MAC stuff, which is why I'm looking at used, older Mac and Audio Research pre amps - still undecided on the amp, but as I stated the MC250 and 2100 are appealing. The Marantz PM8005 is supposed to be pretty decent, or so I've read.
  9. TFR1: Good to know that I seem to be on the right track with my ideas. jimjimbo: Just laying around? An enviable position to be in. Well, I do have a Marantz 2238B and a Kenwood KT-7500 boxed up in storage - but alas - no MAC gear. Also, I found an Audio Research LS25 MK II for $1,800.00 today. ... or maybe a MC2100.
  10. jimjimbo: I suspected that MAC gear would sound excellent w/ the Klipsch Heresy IIIs. Interesting that you also chose a tube pre and a SS amp, like I'm considering.
  11. Jimjimbo: yes, I know you were serious. I'm in El Paso. veloceleste: I looked at Quicksilver briefly. I will look gain.
  12. JohnA: Thanks. Yes, I understand that getting into McIntosh is not cheap. I think it can be done for close to my budget. I have seen pretty decent prices on used MAC gear from time to time and if I pair a MAC pre with a different amp, I can meet my budget. I have also seen used Yamaha A-S2100s, on occasion, for under 2K, which I am also considering.
  13. glens: Will do, but I was really hoping for more recommendations and discussion from the forum members here. *** Unless I get some traction with this thread, I will keep looking for a C45 or C220 and I'll probably get an ATI AT602 or maybe a AT1505 to start. The ATI will probably get replaced at some point. A rebuilt MC275 or 225 would be nice, but they're too expensive, hence my interest in the MC250. I think a tube pre and a SS amp might work well with my Heresy IIIs. Anyone have any recommendations on relative low-powered amps - either tube or SS?
  14. My Dad had an old Fisher 500 receiver, might still be around somewhere. He's also got some old Dyna gear in the garage. My Grandfather had dual Bogen receivers from the 50s. My friends and I used to make fun of all of them when we were kids.
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