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  1. I forgot to mention that the firmware is updated and it didn't change anything, though it did make it so I can actually hear the rear speakers more (still not enough tho). So I'll try switching the channel on each speaker this weekend and keep you posted!
  2. I have the bar 48 with Surround 3 Speakers. One of my rear speakers (I have it set to the right channel) makes a scratching noise that lasts about 1 second, but only it only happens every few hours. It happens suddenly and complete out of the blue. Has anyone else ever experienced a similar issue? I haven't tried any trouble shooting yet like swapping channels with the left speaker and seeing if the speak does the same thing on the other channel, or re-syncing the bluetooth. It'll be hard to trouble shoot so it's very unpredictable. Is it possible I have 1 defective speaker?
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