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  1. all speakers are almost on my ears height well thanks, you have answered all my questions
  2. the whole Rome has a height of 2,65cm currently they are not but I will go for each speaker one (speaker stands) yes, you help me alot with settings thanks for that
  3. thank you very much for such a fast answer I just applied some settings and its much better now thanks alot about the Atmos speakers- I got the rp 500sa 2x - now I don't know where to put them because it shows me on my main speakers, on the celling and on the surround
  4. Hello guys I just got my speakers Could you please help me with the settings at my AVR and subwoofer I got -> 5.1.2 ______________________________ RP-600M - RP-600C - RP-502S RP-500SA R-112SW ______________________________ At SUB- 1: I can choose between phase 0 and 180 - the subwoofer is in the mid -> frontL - Sub - Center - frontR 2:What freq should I go at Low-Pass? 3:btw my center is on my subwoofer - is that a problem ? ____________________________________ my AVR is Denon now I go to Speakers - Manual Setup - Crossovers: 4:What should I choose there it starts at 40hz next menu point: Speakers - Manual Setup - Bass There I got 5:Subwoofer Mode : I can choose LFE - or LFE + Main 6:LPF for LFE : starts with 80hz - 250hz next menu point: Speakers - Manual Setup - Speakerconfig 7:there I got the possibility to change the speakers to large - got them at small - is that good? next menu point: Speakers - Manual Setup - Amp Assign 8:what Dolby Atmos mode should I chose - what's the best one - or where should I put my Atmos speakers I can take /Front Height / Front Dolby / Surround Dolby next menu point: Audio - Audyssey 9:MultEQ XT ; should I choose there Reference or Flat? thanks alot for reading best wishes
  5. Okay so i will go with the 600 for L/C/R and as surround 502s and as dolby atmos 500sa Cool thanks for helping me with the setup
  6. Wow thanks for the nice reply i am gonna now buy following speakers Rp 600c rp 600m Rp 502s rp 500sa but i got one last question should i go with the rp500c and rp500m so i got all speakers 500 or is it okay if i go 600 for center and main and the surrounds 500 thank you so much for your help guys
  7. Thanks for the answer about the wattage do they consume same wattage on 70db or will the 600 one consume more its just for the enegery bill
  8. if i want 70db will both of them use the same wattage or will the 500 use (example) 100watt and the 600 - 90watt Is this the right product ?
  9. Wow thank you very much for your fast answers now i understand more i will go for a better center for sure thanks !
  10. Hello, I wanted to buy a new Klipsch system. My question is if it goes well with this products My room: 22m2 My avr: Denon AVRX1400H 7.2-Kanal AV-Receiver My Sub: R-112sw I wanted to buy following things: 1x rp-400c center 2x rp-400m main speakers 2x rp-402s surrounds 2x rp500sa dolby atmos The question : -Is my avr strong enough? (I ll never use it to the max loudness) -Does this products work well together -About the dolby atmos speakers: i rarely watch an movie with dolby atmos - will the speaker still make some effect noises ( i would put them on the ceiling)
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