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  1. Hi all, I'm pretty satisfied with my sound system except for the center channel for which I currently own a Klipsch R25C. The sound feels a bit "empty" and does not feel like it fills the area between the fronts. I have a Marantz 7012 and I have run Audyssey many times. The sound is not bad but it just lacks something. One of the stores here now offers discounts on Klipsch speakers and I could buy the RP504C for $500 or the R34C for $270. The RP504C goes down much deeper (58 Hz), but it has rear ports, whereas the R34C has front ports. I also have: 4 R-28F towers 2 R-14SA dolby upwards firing speakers subwoofer: R-12SW The room is 5x6m with openings in the back and front. The listening area is ~2.5m from the center speaker. The fronts are also ~2.5m apart from each other. I won't have the option to listen to the speaker before buying it, but I can return it (and get back 90% of the price). Would the upgrade make any sense? If so, is either of these speakers a good choice? Should I be concerned about the rear port on the RP504C given that my center speaker will be 10-20cm from the wall? Any other recommendations? Thank you!
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