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  1. Did you notice an improvement? Did you listen to them prior to the fix?
  2. Curious what your thoughts on the crossovers are. First of all, do they need work? Can those caps still be any good 43 years later? I was thinking of buying a new set of Crites B2 crossovers and taking the original ones out completely and storing them. Then maybe a new gasket for the mids and seeing where that gets me.
  3. I opened the back today, everything looked really minty (and clean) so I'm very pleased with that. Here are some pics: It has what appear to be the correct drivers: The crossovers were in really nice shape, I had no idea this is what capacitors used to look like!
  4. Thanks this is great insight. The grilles were nailed in the 4 corners with finishing nails - further enforcing your assessment. When I took the 1 grille off it was clear it had never been removed before, I really had to pry around the nails and it left some sawdust in the grille cloth. I wager the dealer installed these.
  5. I could see that, they're not for everyone - especially if you have kids. Looking through some older posts on this forum I've seen a couple of other Cornwalls with the exact same trim and grills as mine. Could it have been a kit?
  6. I'm in Canada so that makes sense, 1977 also makes sense based on the date codes. Bill of sale from National Sound in Etobicoke is from 1981, seems as if they sat for 5 years without being sold or maybe they were store demos. Hard to say if they were cleared, they feel smoother than raw birch should but not paint smooth. I'm going to have to crack them open and take a closer look this weekend.
  7. I recently picked up these Cornwalls, code CD-BR, from the original owner who purchased them in 1981 (I have the original bill of sale). He claims he's never modded or opened the cabinets or even taken off the grilles and I believe him. The odd thing is that these Decorators have grills and a bevelled edge (quarter round) on the front of the speakers, was this common? I must admit when I took off the grilles I was not expecting a finished motorboard and another badge underneath. Secondly, considering they've never even been opened, what service or updates would be recommended? I wager I'll need to get some new crossovers at the very least, but what else? Any insight you could share would be great. Here are some pics:
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