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  1. What brands/devices should I keep an eye on to potentially replace the X1300W?
  2. Okay thanks Vinza! I just offered 600 euro's and otherwise I'll stick with my X1300w for now.
  3. Haha that is exactly what I'm trying to find out. All the resellers want to sell me a new AV. Accordingo to them the reason why I should upgrade is because I'm heavily investing in decent speakers and should power it with a decent AV then as well. They compare it to a car: a very aerodynamic body with a 1 liter 45hp engine. Upgrade it with a decent engine, enough horsepower (more watts) and it runs way more smooth. Will I notice any difference?
  4. The shop just offered me a X3600h for 650 euro. Is it worth it? Or should I just stick with my current X1300w? 🙂 Any advice is welcome.
  5. This is the best and most honest advice ever.. Thanks! All shops adviced me to upgrade to an AVR X2600h or X3600h. Should I go for a X3600h if I could get it for 600 euros? There seems to be a slight possibility that I could get that deal.
  6. Thanks for you reply. I'm using it for watching movies in surround and listening to Spotify mostly. When listening to Spotify, I want all the speakers to play to fill the room with music.
  7. Hi Willand, Thank you for your response, I can imagine that this seems to be just another generic topic. It is important for me tho so I will try to make the situation clear. Please find a drawing of my room in the attachments. Thanks for the help!
  8. Did I do anything wrong? Why didn't this get any response?
  9. Hi all, I am new here and since I bought an all Klipsch set I want to ask you for advice on my receiver. Current setup: Denon AVR X1300W Jamo 426 HCS 3 Klipsch R110SW Yet ordered upgrade: RP-6000F RP-504C RP-502S And I'll stick with the R110SW First I just wanted to hear your thoughts on this set since I'm still able to swap/return. Then secondly, I can imagine that my current Denon AVR X1300W might need an upgrade as well. Am I right or will it be good enough? Could you guys advise me some good receivers that will fit the setup well? Thanks! Kind regards, Bart
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