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  1. That's an awesome set up. sourcing those items could be difficult.
  2. One of the draws to Peachtree was that it has a high quality DAC included. What would you suggest?
  3. Thanks for the reply. You kind of confirmed my thoughts on the Denon. I use an AVR-2808ci in the rec room that pushes 110W and does pretty well with the 83's when I get the chance to use it. I've also had good experience with Yamaha but I don't currently see a model comparable.
  4. Well, now that my kids are home from college for the foreseeable future, I've decided that I've had enough of my awesome RF83's being part of the home theater in the rec room. Netflix, Playstation, XBox, and Tik Tok do not deserve this quality. I have a pair of R51M's that will do just fine. I'm taking the big guys up to my loft / bar and want a simple 2 channel amp for spinning vinyl, and maybe some streaming some high quality digital files. I can get a good deal on the Denon pma-1600ne but at only 70W at 8 ohms I'm not sure it has the power to drive these big guys. I've had someone suggest the Peachtree Nova 150 as well. I'd like to be between $1,000 - $1,500. Any thoughts out there among the Klipsch experts?
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