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  1. Ahh OK. Makes sense (I am not super up on the science but do under most of the numbers, I have worked in recording studios for a while).
  2. Figured as much but didn't recall that on the SBAF Loki measurements (though the Loki is 2x the price). Strongly considering this move. P.S. I find it interesting that the curve relaxes with lower amounts of cut/boost and moves lower in the frequency range. Its as if the 2k pole could double its boost/cut it would end up at 3k+. Wild. Thanks again for the exhaustive measurements, I'd also be curious as to what happens when say: cutting the 2k pole a quarter turn but then boosting the 7.5k pole by a quarter turn. Would it make the Q factor steeper on the upper end (the 2k pole)? The mind boggles...
  3. Beautifully done. Thanks, you're talking me into one. EDIT: is it me or is there a decent amount of deviation between the left and right channels at each stage? @Langston
  4. Super Best Audio Friends. I've been trying to find it myself. They ran pink or white noise through it and , while watching the waveform adjusted the dials. After the usual boost and cut, they started using the knobs against each other to make tighter, more pinpoint frequency selections. Its killing me I cannot find it. EDIT: https://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/schiit-loki-eq-measurements.5153/ As I said, all I'm looking for is a 2-3db cut at about 1500hz. Just a nudge for the dozen or so records that need it.
  5. Same. Looked at the Loki but both the Bellari and Schiit have a pole at 2k. SBAF had graphs where they knobbed different frequencies using the paranetric curves agsint each other but none seem to hit the spot. Let me know how you make out.
  6. I'm hesitant to go down that rabbit hole but yeah, I'm sure I can make that happen. Was hoping this could be dipped say 2-3db with a parametric of some sort. DRATS
  7. I love my H4's, But some records have a bit of forwardness in the 1k-2k range. I watched GR Research's video on the Forte 3 and his measured the same. Curious on how I can alleviate this? I was looking at a Schiit Loki but its nearest adjustment is 2k and it seems like that will not work? Thanks In advance.
  8. Ok so question here as while I’m enjoying the speakers now greatly, my set up is exposed posed by the Sensitivity. while moving some connections on the preamp (turned off) I noticed some hiss from the speakers with just the amp on. When I flipped the preamp on that sound was almost completely eliminated but then while listening to either tv or records I get this quiet but audible super high pitched sound. I feel like the amp really grips these speakers and so I’d ideally like to stick with it. I do feeL the gain on the preamp is way high and part of me wonders if I should try the Schiit Sys again and if good with it sell the Quicksilver (which is interesting that people love Quicksilver amps but not their preamp). And look at like a Herron VTSP-3. With the SYS I can’t run a sub though (obviously). Thoughts?
  9. with a single channel running into the sub i had to turn it up a smidge. I played records long into the night and I feel like its close to being where I want it. Probably won't mess with it much more as I'll upgrade subs later in the year. Thanks though.
  10. Yes, my preamp outs are just stereo. I'm rolling with it as is for now.
  11. I found this. Not sure if its anything (technical sheet is light on technicalz) but for anyone searching... https://www.newark.com/mcm-custom-audio/50-20795/stereo-to-mono-signal-converter/dp/25AC5154?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9PKe9OKJ6gIVHz2tBh2qegp-EAQYAiABEgIbvvD_BwE&mckv=sqXCaV1K2_dc|pcrid|434136793605|plid||kword||match||slid||product|25AC5154|pgrid|100464452786|ptaid|pla-903350906313|&CMP=KNC-GUSA-GEN-Shopping-NewStructure-Top-Products
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