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  1. I’m also wondering if I shouldn’t run some extra wires to maybe do some tower type speakers in the front also? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I’m currently building a new house and I’m in the framing stages and need some help selecting speakers. First area is the living room/kitchen: 12 foot ceilings 35x26 5 in ceiling 8’s and one in wall sub Which of these 3 speakers would work best and are they all adjustable? Would I do all the same speakers for the 5 or one for center channel and the other 4 the same? Pro-180 RPC CDT 5800 CII Pro 18RC Second area is back porch that’s 35x15.5 with 12 foot ceilings and there will be 4 8’s. Not sure if Klipsch makes an in ceiling outdoor speaker so looking for advice and don’t have anything picked out. Third area is my upstairs bonus room that is 38x17 with a slanted ceiling. If I had to guess the ceiling starts at around 11 feet and goes down to around 7. My AV cabinet will be an upstairs closet with a rack in it. This upstairs area was a little bit of a pain because the rafters were not wide enough to do 8’s so I will have to settle for 6.5’s. I also will have to do a 6.5 center channel under the TV because the Studs are only 14.5 inches wide and I don’t think a in wall 8 would work. Looking at these for 4 in ceiling speakers. Pro 160 ROC CDT 5650 CII Pro 16RC Looking at these 3 for my walls speakers. Pro- 160 RPW R- 5600 WII I had been looking at these speakers but would have to get my framer involved for the center channel but didn’t know if it’s worth it. I would just run the 8”s vertical and had the framer frame out a speaker box for the center channel. Pro-180 RPW R-5800 WII R-5502 WII LCR Pro-250 RPW Pro-18 RW Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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