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  1. Thanks for your reply. I think the a-s701 is a bit to much. At my country the A-S501 is 350 euro and the PMA-800NE 366 euro. And the Yamaha has a bit more pwer and a sub out. That would be the best option from these two I think
  2. That one is 400 euro.But it has only 2 x 40W at 8 ohm. Isn't that to low?
  3. Thank you for your reply, These are the prices at my country: R-N602 Zwart 500 euro R-N803D 700 euro For that price I could also buy a sonos amp, is there something else that is a little bit cheaper? I don't need any bluetooth, spotify or multiroom. Just an RCA input and if it's possible a sub line out. And I wan't a good quality amp for these speakers. I'm thinking about a amp without net features but still has treble and base levels. Then it's maybe a bit cheaper? Thanks Dion
  4. Hi, I have 2 outdoor speakers (the AW-525) powered with an old kenwood amp. I want to replace this amp because it is very old. I looked at Sonos amp but don’t need all the extra features. Because I am connecting a chrome cast audio or direct RCA. To pick Sonos for this installation it’s to expensive. Also I looked at the Yamaha R-S202. Great amp for the price. But I have read a lot of reviews saying that is has not great bass. And because I am (for now) not having a outdoor subwoofer it is not ideally. My question is: What amp do I need for these speakers. Later on I will maybe add an outdoor subwoofer sow a sub line out would be great. Thanks in advance :)
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