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  1. If you're talking about the one link a couple of pages previously, oddly the "Amazon.com" (USA) link is now showing unavailable. I just looked it up on the Canadian site and now it's there (which would have been more convenient for me as a Canadian). 24V 4A/5V1A Dual Switch Power Supply Board Module 120W Power Module Isolated Dual Output Power Supply : Amazon.ca: Electronics
  2. Wanted to say thanks to everyone on this thread who provided great info. I was able to use the Amazon link provided and get the part up here in Canada and with the various posts here and pictures, get my Bar 48 up and running again. Mine died after 3.5 years so seems I may have actually done pretty well. Oddly though about a year in, the LEDs started to flicker so I wonder if that was the beginning of the end. Before I found this thread, I tried a couple of different sound bars as a replacement and kept sending them back as the Bar 48 just sounded so good. I ended up ordering the Cinema 600 and it's actually a bit of an upgrade in sound, and wow the sub is much bigger. That said, I had another TV I needed a sound bar for, so the 48 will be put back into service (and one less thing in the land fill!). Also nice to know if it dies it'll be the same procedure for the new one as well (I did buy an extended warranty this time!)
  3. Same issue for me. I have a Vizio TV connected via HDMI utilizing ARC. I think what's happening is the negotiation between the TV and bar is lost. I end up going into my TV menu, changing "TV Speakers" from "Off" to "On" which then causes the bar to power down on it's own, I then switch the TV speakers back to "Off" which then sends a signal to the bar to turn back on and my sounds back. I'm not sure which piece is to blame but I'm starting to wonder if this is why people advised to buy a bar that matches your TV manufacturer. As you mention, I'd use the optical out instead of HDMI but then the bar won't power down on it's own when the TV is turned off (although I use a Logitech Harmony so I could have it send a command to power on/off the bar).
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