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  1. Oh I’m good for soldering. Was just inquiring about a ‘recap’ vs a ‘Crites upgrade crossover’
  2. Thanks Alexander, are you suggesting recapping the xover or the Crites upgrade.?
  3. Hello all, just wanted to update you and thank everyone for their input, it was all appreciated even if it’s not the path I took. I was about to head out this morning 1.5 hrs to get the Q’s for $650 I had talked about previously. That seller had responded to a CL wtb ad I listed several weeks ago. Well I had also put an ad on the Nextdoor app which I didn’t expect much from (most posts are complaints or people who ‘saw a fox in their yard’) Yesterday a gentleman reached out within 5 miles of me describing how he had a pair of Klipsch he wasn’t using in the basement, he thought they were Chorus ii’s, we talk and he says he’ll take $500 after a little research (I was super excited but wait...) After a little persuading I got him to let me see them yesterday as I had plans to drive 1.5hrs today (Saturday). So I get over there and the speakers are set up and I immediately think...those aren’t 39” tall. I look closer and they are Quartets. Look like they just came out if the box. So we listen and chat and $300 later I own my first pair of Klipsch (boxes and all) This gentlemen was super happy to move them out. He by the way had one hell of a system with Benchmark Media amp/DAC and Salk towers. He knew what he was doing in the streaming world and I was impressed. Really good dude. So thanks for the input, who’s knows I may be at some point searching for those Chorus’ but for now I’m happy (wife is happy!) and the titanium diaphragms are already ordered, perhaps I’ll do the crossovers too!
  4. Super clean minty Quartets about an hour away for $650? I think I need to make this happen? Thoughts? They look absolutely beautiful. Oak is the only downside but I can live with it.
  5. Ha!! Duly noted Cal. Needless to say ‘bachelor’ Scott would make much different decisions than ‘married’ Scott does. That being said....really trying for Fortes or Chorus. We’ll see....
  6. I did see a nice looking pair of kg 4.5's fpr $350 not far from me. How are these as far as efficiency? Paired with either a 15- 25 watt tube amp?
  7. Seller listed that he had two pairs of Chorus I’s $1200/pr. (Seems high?). Awaiting details, pics etc
  8. Seller listed that he had two pairs of Chorus I’s $1200/pr. (Seems high?). Awaiting details, pics etc
  9. Came across a pair of Chorus I’s about 3 hours away. Thoughts on the Chorus?
  10. Thanks all! I have spoke with the $800 Cornwall fella. Sounded like I could get them for $700 but the simple fact is I cannot fit a 25.5” wide speaker anywhere. I was all about that pair until I took an honest look around my place. mill keep my eyes peeled and put in some miles if I have to!
  11. Thanks and glad I signed up here. Been looking on eBay and chatting to a guy who listed at $1500, I was pushing under $1k but I think I need to just be patient. I’m not limited to Fortes, this will be my first pair of Klipsch, want to pair them with either my Fisher 500b or a Magnavox tube amp (el84’s). feedback/advice welcome.
  12. Hello, new to this forum. Just recently decided I'd like to finally try a pair of Klipsch to pair with my Fisher 500. Looking to see what a fair price would be for a pair of very good condition Forte's? Also looking for others, Heresy, Quartets etc.... Thanks in advance!
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