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  1. Got it. Thanks everyone. I'll keep doing research on products more fitting. At the very least I think I've gathered that series wiring is greatly respected over parallel (Oh well, volume of cabling is no concern , she's already left me hahahaha). And that this isn't the type of expense and product one purchases without visiting a showroom with experienced sales people. Darn pro shop is a hundred miles south ! The plant is almost 400 miles south ! I thought I was getting over easy at three large $ when my Google feed keeps directing me to reviews of products in the 20000£ range! Thanks again everyone
  2. I'll try ! Hahahaha ! If my 15's and the 260's I'm upgrading to are both 4-8ohm will I be safe Daisy chaining them from the lone binding posts on the M10 ? And how the heck do I even fit the 25c into this equation , and if I only watch sports , is it even necessary ? Are there better choices than the M10 to fit my listening? I love the idea of digital streaming because I rarely listen to my CD's. I'll keep the Maranzt as a CD player if I go with a streamer/amp . I've already upgraded my turntable , very happy with the Project T1 and the companion phono box pre-amp. So I spin vinyl except for new releases , which we can't access in a timely fashion up North - North West Ontario Canada , I stream new jazz and blues until the vinyl arrives. Thanks for any efforts at helping me out !
  3. *dedicate the right side "B"'s to the 25c . Sorry , I missed that.
  4. Thank you very much. Clear and concise, and understandable . I mistakenly believed the single binding posts indicated a single channel but the channels are left and right , correct ? I think I'm good to go on parallel wiring the 15's to the 260's as the M10 has a bridge mode which my son believes serves keep the unit at 8ohm when utilized in order to facilitate Daisy chains from the single binding posts , but perhaps he is mistaken. I was expecting your answers regarding the SW , no big deal there. I have the right side wired from the Maranzt now and can definitely live with the same arrangement from the M10. Once I get the 260's in and have Daisy chained the 15's , I'll dedicate the right side from the Maranzt's "B" posts . If I can't notice a improvement in my sports viewing, all I watch ( the TV is wired by Optical to the Maranzt ) , I'll set it aside until I decide whether the M10 is my best option. Ive studied The Maranzt M8006 as well , but obviously I'm a novice. Thanks again ! PS. Haven't read the second reply yet . Hope it's as enlightening as the first.
  5. Hi folks , Very simple questions that I can't get straight answers to yet ! I would like to upgrade my 2-channel Maranzt M-CR611 to a single channel NAD M10 but my speaker hardware is configured as a 5.1 and I like it that way. My questions are ; a. Can I parallel wire my R-15M'S from the dual posts on the RP-260f's I am interested in upgrading to ? I have currently have Polk R50's b. What would be the best idea to wire in my R-25c into the single channel. It currently is wired into the B side with the R-15M'S. My Polk SW108 has speaker level outs. c. The NAD has two Subwoofer outs and my SW108 has both left and right inputs. Should I use both SW outs from the M10 ? Thanks everyone. Joe
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