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  1. Hi, I just buy Klipsch The Sixes and an Klipsch subwoofer R-120SW, I connected them ok, and gets some beautiful sound out of them. My issue is when they are idle, and not playing music, there is a humming sound. I have tried disconnecting all cables, and the humming sound is caused by the sixes speakers, when I disconnect the subwoofer cable the humming is gone. Also when I turn on the sixes speakers, there is three clicking sounds in the subwoofers before the humming begins. The subwoofer cable I have is a $100, 10 meter, 32,8 ft Jenving cable (http://www.jenving.com/products/view/y-link-1rca-2rca-blue-10m-1001905882) When I bought these two Klipsch devices, I assumed they would fit each out like a glove.. Does any body know what could cause this, or point me in the direction of solving this, thanks!
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